Blisscon 2021 with trailers for Diablo 2 PC and consoles – Nerdu 4. Announced at Life

Diablo 2 was resurrected That was the end Confident And officially presented by Blizzard on Blisscard’s opening night, a Presentation trailer It announced the release period and sites, viz PC and console.

This is a great job Remastering In Diablo 2, a notable Graphic rework Considering the obvious differences between the characters, the settings, the animations and the different creatures, it seems to be almost a remake. Some game dynamics have been revised and Diablo 2 has been revived, which, in general, looks like a game gradually over time.

The release date is not yet known, but the resurrection of Diablo 2 is expected to come later 2021So, this year, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | On the S and Nintendo Switch, complete Cross-save According to the report, switchable from computer to console and vice versa.

Blizzard identifies it as the original “firm redesign” and it looks like a great way to update the second installment of the series from the presentation video, which is still particularly loved by fans. Development has been handed over Clumsy visions, Thus confirming what had previously surfaced with rumors that, following the internal restructuring carried out on the group in question, was actually absorbed by the blizzard.

Characters are now provided 3D, There are new animations and a completely redesigned lighting system, as well as some processing of physics between characters and scenes. There will be more clarity until the game 4K On sites that allow it.

The blizzard said it all Display de Intermeso The recording has been redone and the recording has been redesigned with support for Dolby 7.1. As with other similar functions, the Diablo 2 resurrection also allows you to change Original graphics, Uses the classic mode. In a nutshell, this seems like the best way to get past the wait that separates us from Diablo 4 at this point.

Diablo 2 is resurrected, the symbol of the new remaster

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