Unidentified assailants threaten a woman (54) with an ax and steal a mobile phone

Falklingen: Unidentified assailants threaten a woman (54) with an ax and steal a cell phone

According to police, strangers threatened the 54-year-old with an ax. Photo: Press Portal / Police

The burglary in Folklingen

Wednesday (February 17, 2021), around 10:00 PM. Two unknown persons The door was forcibly opened to the back of the family’s house Rosseler Strasse in Völklingen Open. According to the police, the perpetrators used one found at the site Xt.

A woman threatened with an ax

The 54 years old resident Then he learned from the house the noise. As a result, according to the police, she met strangers. “When I tried to call the police on her cell phone, One of the two men threatenedWith th Xt They also hit her with “the phone out of her hand.”

Officials said the thieves’ demands for the woman to hand over cash and jewelry did not work. Additionally, the culprits are two I searched the entire house. In connection They flee In an unknown direction, emergency services said. Loot: a cell phone.

54, lightly injured

According to the police, the 54, lightly injured. She described the strangers as follows:

– Both men
– Dressed in the dark
– All black face mask
Speak bad German with an Eastern European accent

The permanent investigations service receives information, tel. (0681) 9622133.

Sources used:
A message from the Saar State Police Command on February 18, 2021

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