Blizzard Absorbs Vicarius Views, Tony Hawk Team Supports Diablo 4 And More – Nert 4. Life

Functional blizzard A strategic staff activated the restructuring maneuver, which led to complete absorption Clumsy visions Within the blizzard, it will deliver Support for large projects Of the team in question.

This means that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 team will no longer appear, at least in the near future, The main study Guides a project, but actively supports Blizzard games. According to some analysts, this maneuver should be given one Big hand for teams Blizzards are struggling a lot behind high-level projects like the present Diablo 4 Overwatch 2.

In this way, Vicarius’ visions are transformed into a support group “fully dedicated.” Existing blizzard games and initiatives“, According to reports from Activision Blizzard.” After developing a better relationship with Vicarius Vision for some time, Blizzard realized the potential for long-term support, “said a spokesman for

However, there is no accurate information on what project the team will be involved in during this first period, and even if we imagine involvement in projects of greater depth, they are going Slowly And due to the current infection situation.

Vicarious Vision Activision was acquired in 2005 and has since worked on various titles such as Guitar Hero, Spider-Man, Tony Hawk, Crash Bandicoot, Destiny, Skylanders and Call of Duty. It looks like the team base is destined to be in Albany, New York anyway.

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