Bloober Team presents a crawler live trailer for Layers of Fear VR’s launch for PlayStation VR

Layers of Fear VR is a first-person horror game that has been recreated with virtual reality in mind to improve interactivity and immersion in the game. Explore an environment full of horrific artworks and solve puzzles through quirky puzzles because the psychological horrors buried deep in the game will leave you suspicious of your eyes and mind. Do you dare to help paint a true fear masterpiece? Put on your headphone and find out what to expect …

“When we first announced Layers of Fear VR, a lot of our fans called us and asked for a PSVR release. Today we can say their voices have been heard,” – says Piotr Papino, CEO of Team Bloober. It’s also part of our broader strategy. Over the past few years, we’ve brought our best horror games to additional platforms, including VR headsets, so that more players can feel goose bumps regardless of what devices they own. This is a way of thinking we want to preserve Forth in the future. “

Layers of Fear VR Key Features:

Psychological horror VR
-Explore the depths of the madness within the painter’s mind
Terrifying twists and turns leave you ignorant of what is real
– Feeling crazy as every turn of the camera can completely change the look of your surroundings

Explore while focusing on the story
Experience a haunting story that reveals details from the painter’s dark and tragic past
– Discover new secrets and details through immersive VR
– Search the Victorian mansion, follow dark visions and watch the story and the mystery unfold

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Victorian Virtual Reality
– Discover a world of games that features masterpieces of painting, architecture and decoration from the 19th century.
Many original artwork and music emphasize history and surroundings
-Explore an ever-changing Victorian mansion that evokes beauty, fear and tension

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