SongPop 3: a game to test your knowledge of music

If you like music, alone or with friends, you can test your knowledge in real time with the very popular game SongPop 3.

The game allows you to have fun with your friends despite the distance, thus staying connected and enjoying together the best musical successes, while waiting for the concerts and festivals to reopen.

A real antidote to the epidemic

Developed by FreshPlanet with an office in Montreal, SongPop 3 It offers the richest catalog in the franchise, so there’s plenty for you to tackle alone or with friends for a long time!

The game is finally available in stores App Store And the Google apps – For Apple devices running iOS and Android by Google respectively – is the latest installment in the successful Music Test franchise based on the series Pop songAs well as on certain elements of SongPop PartyRecently, the game was released in Apple Arcade.

100 million tracks

Due to its rich catalog of musical genres with over 100 million downloads, expert and novice gamers alike will experience a new version. Pop song With more rewards to unlock and more music to discover.

The trivia game is played individually or in a team as players collaborate to show everyone who knows the music best among the countless musical genres and titles.

Tournaments are also offered and Premium VIP subscribers can participate in the Live Show to win in-game coins.

Do you know the song?

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