Boigny-sur-Bionne footballer Florian Dianacqua invents PlayHIIT, a sports goose game

Like many French, Florian Dianacqua, an amateur footballer who plays for Boigny-sur-Bionne, at a departmental level, has changed his habits since the health crisis. During confinement, this 26-year-old sports coach She found thoughts while she was inactive. Thus launched the former student in the sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities (Staps) PlayHIIT Board GameThis is to allow all fans to exercise in a friendly and fun environment.

Improve your knowledge of the human body

“There are a lot of people who have suffered during this crisis. The gyms are closed and others are not fortunate enough to be physically active at the end of the day due to the curfew. The idea of ​​PlayHIIT is to give access to sport to everyone in a good mood ‘Florian explains.

The concept is simple: Two to six players compete over a game board made up of several squares, reminiscent of Goose. An amateur footballer who developed in Boigny-sur-Pune, explains at the divisional level.

A game that Staps students will appreciate

Among these mathematical challenges we find in particular Sheathing, rope skipping, and dreaded abdominal exercises. If Florian Dianacqua tries his new board game with his nephew, during his last confinement period, he recently introduced his concept to Staps students.
I had excellent reactions. These students loved trying it, ”the one who also offers various fitness sessions and muscle building lessons on a daily basis rejoices. Activities that, like PlayHIIT, respect one motto: “Sport in all its forms is accessible to all.”

Once the health crisis is over, will members return to Laura’s gyms?

Nicholas Pontron

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