SPÖ Pasching: Alois Hölzl invited to the first online citizens’ meeting

“The actual meeting of citizens in the different provinces was a very well received procedure. Paschinger gave their ideas and had many suggestions on how to do one thing or another better, but above all they enjoyed time together. Then came the epidemic,” confirms Alois Pölzl, candidate for president The municipality of SPÖ Pasching.

Packing. Cutting off the local citizens’ meeting was not an option for SPÖ Pasching, but a solution to the problem was quickly found, and the local citizens’ meeting moved to virtual reality, on February 4th it was time for the first online citizens’ meeting to take place.

Live discussions in various fields

Over 20 participants overcome their fear of the foreign mediator and included live discussions on a variety of topics. From the use of the old municipality office to the new start apartments to the traffic transfer bypass.

Repair cafe required

More sustainability, less outcast community is the idea behind a specific initiative. “A repair cafe where defective electrical appliances can be repaired, that was the wish of the participants. We are now looking for a site, please just contact me if you have an idea,” Pölzl is already planning to implement.

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