Bosz promises to the OL game

Troy wants to bring Rebart and Briançon

The relegation from Nimes to the second division may benefit some Ligue 1 clubs, as newly promoted Troyes would like to include two of the best players in Nimes’ squad: Renault Ripart and Anthony Briançon.


OL: End of the press conference marked by Bosz’s offensive promises

After half an hour of discussion, Lyon leaders and new coach Peter Boss have finished their first joint press conference. The Dutchman insisted very much on his desire to deliver an offensive match, in line with what Juninho also wanted to develop.

OL: Olas refused to meet Galtaire in March

“We did things in a very professional way, with a lot of ethics. I wanted to tell you about this that in March, I was asked to meet Christophe Galletier. Morally and professionally, I had never met a coach before the tournament ended. So in March we were the ones who refused to go ahead.” On the topic… After that, we set a certain number of priorities… Peter (Boss) and others in our opinion… But you cannot take a coach who has already signed a contract and is still under contract with his club which is the most champion of France. Resolved and at the same time we contacted Peter. There was a third request from a foreign coach who speaks French. We were never worried. “

OL – Juninho: “Finding this balance between defense and attack is difficult.”

Juninho: “We all talk about being able to develop a good game and win, but clearly we have no certainty. If we win 38 times 1-0, we will be happy. I think Peter can find a good foundation. Finding that balance between defense and attack is difficult. Yesterday even the best team in the world, Manchester City, failed (referring to the Champions League final that they lost to Chelsea).

OL – Peter Bosz: “I was on vacation and gave up everything”

Peter Bosses: “I was on vacation and left all my things to watch the Lyon games. It’s still too early to anticipate things, but we are talking to Juninho.

In the world, we see French players everywhere. French football is at a very high level. When I look at Lyon, I always find good players, good guys too. Even after three to four days, I really enjoy thinking about the players out there, their attributes. “

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Vincent Bonsu: “We had 50 applications for this position, but we wanted someone to match our profile.”

OL – Jean-Michel Aulas: “We made mistakes, and corrected them with Peter”

Jean-Michel Aulas: “We did our best to win the championship, we were not far away. We were victims of a lot of refereeing errors. It was done very little. We made mistakes, and we corrected them by bringing Peter. The European League is a goal.”

OL – Jean-Michel Aulas: “The transport envelope has always been big”

Jean-Michel Aulas: “The transfer budget has always been large and available to Juninho and the coach. Some players will return from loan, others will not, and then we will work for the next two months on the team, so that it is the best it can be and that it sticks to our philosophy of playing.”

OL-Peter Boss: “We want to win but in an offensive way”

Peter Boss: “Compared to Ajax, we find youth, but also the style. The most important thing is to win, but the way to win is also important. Here, I think we want to win, but in an offensive way.”

It’s not easy, but it is possible to play offensively and win titles. The most important thing is to defend as soon as the ball is lost, because without that you cannot play offensively. For that, you need a very good organization and take the time to train. “

OL – Jean-Michel Aulas: “I spoke with Rolland Courbis”

Jean-Michel Olas: “In terms of language, it is a very important element, when you arrive at a new club and want to change things, to be able to send messages directly. I have spoken. With many people who have worked with him at the time, including Rolland Courbis, who He assured me that he has a very strong personality and speaks French well. This is what he confirmed to us when we met face to face with face to face. He also speaks football very well. “

The Panathinaikos approached the Zakaria Monastery

As the coach’s waltz dance continues across Europe, Michel Der Zakarian wants to take his time before he finds his new base. Panathinakos (Greece) contacted the current ex-Montpellier coach in recent days, looking for a technician after Laszlo Poloni was sacked.

The French link with the Greek club is easy, with Pierre Droussi as the sporting director. But Michel Der Zakaryan did not want to go ahead with the first methods of Panathinaqu. The French are waiting to find a more ambitious project in France or abroad. If his name had been circulating in the last hours in Brest, there is currently no contact with the Breton leaders. His name can particularly be traced back to Bordeaux. Michel Der Zakarian was first surveyed before leaving King Street, and is working on takeover project papers.


OL – Peter Boss: “With Juninho we talked about football right away”

Juninho: “He loves attacking, playing to score. He told me that to play offensively, you have to react as soon as you lose the ball, act immediately, and that’s the first thing he wants to do.” . If we find this balance, we have everything to achieve results. “

Peter Boss: “We talked about football right away, and I like it.”

OL – Peter Bosz: “I’m used to working with young people”

Peter Boss: “I am used to working with young people. If they have qualities, I am not afraid to make them play. I know the academy here is important. In Lyon, there are always good guys, so I’m very curious to see what happens there. Today, there really is.” Very good people on the team. “

OL- Peter Boss: “I have an attacking and engaging gaming philosophy”

Peter Boss, New OL Coach:

“I am very happy to be there, in a very big club. Of course, when I was a player in France, I really met Lyon, when I coached Ajax as well. It’s a great club., With friendly supporters. I hope for a lot of success there.”

“I have an attacking and attractive playing philosophy. We play for the fans, not for ourselves. After that, it depends on the players we’re going to play with. I’ll train with them first. He loves attacking soccer and the smart and technical players.”

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OL – Jean-Michel Aulas: “The coach best suits our desires”

Jean-Michel Aulas at a press conference:

“With Vincent Ponso and Juninho, we did well and are happy to find the most effective and important solution, which will allow us to reach the second stage of the missile. The first was Juninho arrived two years ago.”

“We made sure to go to the director profile, the one most suited to our desires: experienced, with the ability to play youth, an offensive reference to the media and fan groups. That profile, there weren’t a lot of candidates, so we were quick to get them back. This file .. I remember Peter Boss leading Ajax in the semi-finals of the European League, which caused 1000 concerns.

OL: Peter Bosz’s show is imminent

At ten in the morning, Peter Boss will attend a press conference for the first time. The new OL coach, who will succeed Rudi Garcia, should specifically address the club’s organization for next season. He will be accompanied by Jean-Michel Olas, president, Juninho, sporting director, and Vincent Bonsu, football director general.

Leonardo Jardim to Saudi Arabia?

According to Sky journalist Fabrizio Romano, former Monaco coach Leonardo Jardim is expected to sign in the next few hours for Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia until June 2022. According to the Italian journalist, an agreement has been reached now. It is already found between the Portuguese and the Saudi club.

OL: Peter Bosz was introduced on Sunday morning

After the official announcement on Saturday, the arrival of Peter Boss on the bench in Lyon will be followed by his presentation this Sunday. Jean-Michel Aulas, Vincent Bonsu, Juninho and the new Dutch coach of Les Gones will hold a press conference at 10am to explain the features of this new artistic organization.

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