A virtual meeting in five rooms

Licher Verein Gedankenschiff will be providing grief advice via Zoom starting in June.

Paste a circle – (red). The non-profit association “Gedankenschiff” from Lich has decided to attend mourners for an hour and a half on the first Tuesday of every month starting at 7 pm. The goal is to meet in person. Since this is still possible to a limited extent, trained grief counselors will roll the show online by the end of the year. In any case, it is necessary to register by e-mail at [email protected], and the comforters will immediately receive the arrival data and some information.

A special evening online will be held at the start of the parade on Tuesday, June 1, according to a press release issued by the association. Based on When Love Carries Sorrow by Britta Lobvogel and Joost Whittier-Paraci, five rooms are available. A grief counselor is available in every room who can conduct individual or group discussions. Room 1 “Entering the House of Mourning” deals with the fact that a loved one is no longer with us. Here, feelings need to be exchanged, but help must also be sought on how to survive this time. The second room is the “pain room”. The focus here is on acceptance. Questions should be combined about how mourners identify and tolerate this pain. In addition to the space of memory and the space of love, where the relationship with the deceased is at stake. As the last room, the “change room” can be visited by default.

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After these five rooms, the tour of the house ends in the “garden of longing”. Here you can stop again and look at everything. At this stage, further nominations are made for follow-up discussions upon request. The idea of ​​walking through mourners has been recommended. The offer is free of charge. Donations are gladly accepted for the association.

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