Bourbon Retro Mobile has a big heart

Bourbon L'Archambault. Bourbon Retro Mobile supports medical reasons. Last Sunday, taking advantage of the traditional gathering of classic cars organized, like every third Sunday of the month, at the Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville in Bourbon by the Bourbon Rétro Mobile Club, President Dominique Gilbert welcomed two people with a big heart, Georges Ladisso, correspondent for Allier d'Acte Auvergne (helping children undergoing treatment for cancer), and David Martin, president of the Lily Association, the first name of his daughter who suffers from nephroblastoma (kidney tumor). He will be treated in Clermont-Ferrand at the end of 2022.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that each of the Bourbon Rétro Mobile hosts will receive a check for €400 from the recent Tronçais Rétro fair organized on April 6th and 7th in Cirilli. George and David plan to equip the children's living space with a work surface that will allow them to cook and enjoy the results of their work.

Dominic Gilbert took the opportunity to explain that the club will be expanding its regular presence in the countryside with a monthly vintage vehicle gathering on the morning of the fourth Saturday, at Cosne d'Alier, from 21 September.

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