Confirming Firesprite's presence among studios affected by layoffs at Sony's PlayStation division

FirespriteOne of the largest teams at PlayStation Studios, based in the UK, has confirmed that it is one of the affected studios. Sony Interactive Entertainment has ordered layoffs Last February. As explained in the message

“Like many teams at SIE and PlayStation Studios, Firesprite has been affected by the layoffs announced in February of this year,” reads a news release from Firesprite. “The past few months have been an incredibly challenging time for our company as we have undergone a difficult and lengthy consultation process during this time, and we are focused on helping everyone affected by these sad circumstances.”

“As the consultation period draws to a close, we extend our deepest gratitude to all of our incredible and talented colleagues who look forward to the future of an unforgettable, forever part of our history and gaming experiences for our players.”

PlayStation layoffs

As mentioned at the outset, the staff reductions mentioned by FireSprite were decided by Sony in February, which was announced at the time. 900 people were laid off in the PlayStation division. This led to London Studios, the team responsible for many VR games, being firmly shut down and working on a live service multiplayer game.

As for Firesprite, the studio was acquired in 2021, at which point it had around 250 developers, more than many companies on British soil. In turn, the company acquired Fabric Games that same year, expanding its workforce. At the moment, according to rumors and leaks, the team is working on a horror game exclusively for the PS5, from which it seems that even a movie will be made.

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