Bouygues or B&You 4G customer? It's (possibly) time to get free 5G

As part of the Olympics, Orange announced at the beginning of June that it would offer 5G service to 4G Orange and Sush customers. A temporary gift for a few weeks until September, unlike a reply a few days after SFR, is permanent. Today, another operator is following suit in order not to lose subscribers: Bouygues Telecom. Since June 14, the latter has removed almost all traces of 4G in its new packages and has notably started converting some 4G customers to 5G for free.

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a “personal promotion” For a small number of subscribers

As spotted by our colleagues at Laclair Fnacsome Bouygues and B&You customers will receive or will receive by July 10 a “new giga”. This message simply announces that their plan has automatically switched from 4G to 5G. The process is transparent and free, but it is impossible to refuse.

in Custom FAQHowever, Bouygues specifies: “You are one of our first lucky customers who wanted to take advantage of this upgrade that is customized to your available package.” Therefore, it appears that all Bouygues Telecom and B&You customers will not be affected by this upgrade, which is offered for life as long as there is no plan change. In addition to the type of package, the issue of seniority will likely play a role, making this free shift slightly less generous than that administered by the SFR (which is not related to the RED, anyway).

There is almost no 4G anymore at Bouygues and B&You

We note that at the same time, for the sake of consistency, almost all 4G plans from Bouygues and B&You have switched to 5G. All that's left is 20GB at €6 per month at B&You with 4G on the list.

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It now remains to be seen whether the majority of Bouygues customers will ultimately be affected, or whether only a few “lucky” people will be able to take advantage of 5G without having to bear the cost of a new package or option. Likewise, with these reactions from its competitors, it is not impossible that Orange will end up offering its customers the switch permanently rather than temporarily.

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