Final Fantasy 9 remake under Naoki Yoshida? The director opens up and tells the truth

Lately, there have been a lot of rumors related to the fact that Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida is working on an as yet unannounced but much talked about film. A remake of Final Fantasy 9. For example, in March, some additional content featuring the old JRPG came to the MMORPG.

Yoshida He said the reason for the collaboration was confidential. Also, the team will be working on two other new games and some will be a Yoshida-directed Final Fantasy 9 remake. Now the developer wanted to set the record straight.

Yoshida's words on Final Fantasy 9 Remake

In a video from Final Fantasy 14's “Letter from the Producer” series, Yoshida denied it He made it clear that he had nothing to do with the scheme and that he knew nothing about it. This statement doesn't imply that there is or isn't a remake of Final Fantasy 9, but it should be noted that he simply isn't involved in any way and he hasn't said anything.

Also, the director responded to some players who were skeptical about the idea of ​​putting Yoshida in charge of Final Fantasy 9's remake because they feared it would make him. A real time action game. However, he replied that if it were his turn to work on it, he would keep it as the original, a turn-based role-playing game.

However, since he hasn't worked on it, we can't know what this potential game will look like. We repeat that it is a remake of Final Fantasy 9 It was never announced And it ties in with a leak from the Epic Games Store several years ago that hinted at several upcoming games.

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Finally, a group of Final Fantasy 14 players called for a strike because a class was rendered useless.

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