Bowser’s Fury is perhaps the strangest Super Mario game since Sunshine •

Sunshine looms large on Bowser’s Fury, the expansion that will be included in the re-release of Super Mario 3D World next month. It’s there from the moment you start, and you can do it anytime, because it’s a standalone experience, although I can’t go into details yet. Alternatively, I can give you a small sample of this weird branch.

It can be described as a kind of discontinuity, as Bowser Fury was built from reused assets from Super Mario 3D World – the eight-way motion was slightly open here, but still paired with the enemy button and the same imperfection. The triple jump, plus the same cool bonus set including the cat costume, which again has the best bill, but Mario often doesn’t care much about the base blocks but what the designers at Nintendo do. It is definitely here.

Unlike the focused levels in 3D World, which offered all kinds of chaotic four-player action, here’s a change to the open gameplay that Odyssey prefers, 64 and of course Super Mario Sunshine. There is the same sense of exotic experience here at Bowser’s Fury, and a lot of the same ambiance with its beautiful blue-water islands and many of the same tunes.

Once again, Bowser Jr. Once again a pioneering role, with Magic Brush, and it is here to provide assistance, either through an AI control partner who can call for you. Help little or much or no help at all. , Or with another player in 2-player co-op that supports Bowser’s Fury. Get it under computer control and it will occasionally pass to hit an enemy in the head, while there are certain secrets nested about levels that only he can unlock.

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In what I hope will become a new measure of video game success, I can vouch that in Bowser’s Fury you can throw kittens overboard.

In fact, there’s a whole world of overlapping secrets out there, and it’s much freer Mario style than the likes of 64 or Odyssey – it’s really the closest thing to a Mario game in the world. Unlocked which we had until now. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll get the shine. Maybe he’s one of those who can seize the island’s heights, get rid of the Cat Bullys from a platform, or hunt Luigi Fury Shadow, while discovering five small gazes of cats in a particular area opens up a real bargain.

Get enough flashes and you’ll be able to ring a Giga bell, allowing you to fight a Bowser like Giga Cat Mario on one of his usual attacks – he didn’t have a timer in hand, even though they attack the screen every five minutes filled with lava and rage, plus Helpful new platforms that may give you access to previously unreachable touches.

Plessie is available to show you about the map.

It’s a wonderful expansion of the Mario game that seemed to conflict with the principles of 64 and Odyssey: 3D World has always been positioned as a way to bridge the gap between 2D Mario and its most open streak since. Mario with a restrained action game that gets pushed towards a completely different gameplay (and somewhat disappointing about how it manages to only 30fps when playing with hand, which is an homage to Sunshine too far away I think, although that’s understandable given how irritating it is Bowser).

How will all of this be combined into the end result? We’re currently restricted to returning Bowser’s Fury’s first few minutes, so I can’t wait to go ahead and see where that expansion is headed. It’s a little odd, sure, but it’s not necessarily negative – Mario is often at his best when he’s totally outlandish, and from what I can tell you about Bowser Fury, this is one of the strangest entries so far.

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