Breaking Walls Survival is coming to Xbox One and Series X | S this year

Initially revealed during Gameplay in 2019, Far Away: The Survival Series It was scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2020 on PS4 and PC It was also announced at the launch of Kickstarter. In development for five years, small Canadian studio Breaking Walls Based in Montreal, and made up of Ubisoft alumni, the title eventually reached more than twice its initial target, and this has been delayed to an unknown later date, because we imagine the same kind of reasons more than many other video game products. From now on, we learn via XboxWire Qiufar It will not only be released on the originally planned platforms but also on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Cross backward compatibility In 2021 (Early 2021 even according to the game’s Steam page).

at farAnd the You will live the adventures of a flying battalion forced to fight in a wild and hostile world, in the distant future where unexpected natural disasters threaten all life on Earth. Your goal is to find a suitable land, a haven of peace where you can live in peace with your family and peers. The peculiarity of this small Australian marsupial is that it has a thin skin membrane between the front and back ends, giving it the ability to fly, a possibility rare in mammals. Overall, the adventure follows a fairly linear story according to your little buddy, but the Breaking Walls title offers many possibilities for thinking outside the box, by giving a pride of place for exploration that will allow you to make a number of surprising discoveries.String environments far from survival

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In an interview with André Paul Johnson (Growth head sein de Breaking Walls) à WccftechHe was asked how the game would be organized in this exploration aspect. In fact, most of the employees are ex-employees of Ubisoft, we can fear AWAY follows the same example in Doctrine killer Or in far cry-With a number of points of interest on the map and mini-maps to aid in navigation. During this exchange, the party concerned officially overturned this point, confirming A. A true desire within the studio to create the most immersive experience possible. Hence, there should be no miniature maps or significant markers within the game. Each of the adventures of the little marsupial will accompany the story of the narrator who will help you to better understand the world around you, in complete freedom. . The wide stadium that so much awaits you Multiple environments Like lush forests, ruins of buildings, valleys, caves and many more. So there will be very A large painting of rich ecosystems to discover, Which includes many types of animals and plants with which it would be possible to interact. However, be careful because some creatures can be particularly hostile like scorpions and spiders. In fact, in the tropics, these types of spiders are already much larger than they are in ours, especially when you play the role of an animal that measures barely 16 cm in adulthood … Evidence of cunning and adaptability to stay alive and avoid falling prey . Sometimes it will not be possible for you to escape and you will have no alternative but to face head-on. Likewise, according to André Paul JohnsonAnd the Dozens of other creatures could be controlled-Some can be accessed in side quests and others are only unlockable by exploring your environment.

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Overall, all game developments have been thought of in such a way as to make them craftyfar A true video game documentary about the beauty, fragility and richness of nature:

“One of our priorities when developing AWAY was to capture the feel of a ‘documentary about nature’, and a large part of that was creating the right atmosphere through the music and sound design of the game.”

In this sense, the developer team has attached services Mike RaznickHe is especially known for his musical documentaries.Life“From BBC and”The second planet EarthIn addition, André Paul Johnson Even mentioned, when asked about the possibility of embedding picture mode in far, That this is a much discussed internally feature that the development team really wants to add to the game experience to enhance the aesthetics of the title. Moreover, according to this, Some technical features such as Ray-Tracing will not be out of the question in the future. However, as previously indicated, the title is primarily intended for Xbox One and will not benefit from any real improvement to next-generation consoles when it launches.Away from the Survival Falinger Volante series Escalade Arberry

Finally, what is striking when we look at the trailer above isThe complete absence of any form of human life. The only visible impacts of any previous career are the ones that you will have to explore during expeditions or infrastructures such as wind turbines. Thus, the main question that arises: What happened to humanity? This, as announced André Paul JohnsonIt’s up to you to find out!

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