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Players Walheim They use this survival as a creative sandbox and recreate popular spaces from other games on a weekly basis. Now, we propose that the user make ericxsg and then share it on Reddit. As you can see below, we are talking Stromwind Harbor, Location Nota de World of Warcraft. The result is truly incredible.

User shared Four pictures His version of Stormwind Harbor from the World of Warcraft that allows you to see what was created from multiple angles in Wallheim. The various docks, the harbor that overlooks the area, the stairs and the arches are all connected and even the ships are waiting to sail.

This is possible by exploitation Game Debugging mode It allows you to work with infinite resources like Minecraft’s creative mode. This is a great way to work on works like this at Walheim.

What we have achieved and repeat is remarkable, and we are convinced that it takes many hours of dedication and comparison with the original to make sure everything is as consistent as possible. The only limitations are those imposed by the Walheim game machine: The game traveled between 20 and 25 fps during creation, compared to the normal 90 fps, which can be achieved when playing normally in the woods and in other settings of the survival game.

This is not the first time a player from Wolheim has recreated a known space: we have already shown you, for example, Riverwood from Skyrim.

Veronica Tucker

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