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Kana: The Bridge of the Spirit This fall is seen as one of the most important games coming on PS5, 2021 Sony standards strangely low weight loss, so the wait for that particular third party action adventure has further increased, so it is interesting to inquire about the game development background, like In-depth study of Ember Laboratory On top of that The creation of the protagonist.

The in-depth analysis in question comes from the pages of the official PlayStation blog, another indication of the importance that Sony has given to this product, and more Creative stages The team went on to create the main character.

Kana: Bridge of Spirits has a very attractive protagonist

Cana is a young spirit guide who travels to an abandoned village in search of a sacred mountain temple to help the spirits trapped in the area.

The Character design Kana’s original Vanzana “Vic” introsombat, with a rather youthful appearance.

Kana: Various studies of the bridge of souls, the face and expressions of the protagonist
Kana: Various studies of the bridge of souls, the face and expressions of the protagonist

Following that, the developers, considering the motivational characteristics of the spirits and the experience gained, the protagonist must have appeared a bit more mature and some changes were made to the original model.

The 3D version First developed by Rodrigo Gonsalves, he then continued to refine the three-dimensional model with the help of Carlos Ortega until he reached the current look of the canoe.

Kana: Bridge of Spirits, the protagonist's first original concept art
Kana: Bridge of Spirits, the protagonist’s first original concept art

Amber Lab wanted to work in a certain way, the properties such as eyelids and expressions, from the elements to the many details were then examined in detail.

Being a team of experts in animation, character design and study Animations The characters are obviously features that have been greatly overlooked in the course of development, reflecting remarkable attention to even the smallest details. You can find more information here This address In the Emper Lab post on the PlayStation blog.

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Cana: The Bridge of Spirits was recently postponed and the new release date is now set to close September 21, 2021. The game comes on PS4, PS5 and PC and can be played with GeForce Now, additional information tried by Pierbolo Craigo.

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