Windows 10: This is in the October update

Two major Windows 10 updates appear every year: The major Fall Update is scheduled to come in October. We show what users can expect.

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Next feature update Windows 10 Appears: windows 10 version of 21H2. Commercial computer users can test Update Access, as reported by various niche sites.

Private users will officially receive the update from October. There are only minor changes compared to previous updates. We show what to expect.

That changes in Windows 10 version 21H2

The new function update mainly provides three new features, such as Microsoft mentioned on his website. This is as it should be OS Improve Wi-Fi security. For this, Windows 10 will support the WPA3 H2E standard. WPA3 is the new WLAN standard, and more I read here. H2E stands for Hash-to-Element and is a variant of WPA3 that supports the . format network To protect against some side channel attacks.

Everyone who uses the Windows subsystem for linux (WSL) will also benefit from the upcoming October update. Because according to Microsoft, that would be suitable for such systems as well as Azure IoT edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW) provides GPU support. This means that the system can access the graphics card to perform intensive computational tasks. Microsoft provides an example of machine learning.

And as a third new functionality, Microsoft is calling “Simplified Password-Free Deployment Forms” for Windows Hello for Business. With Windows Hello for business, users can – similar to Windows Hello – on their PC without password Login. Instead, biometric data is used, for example. An upcoming update should make it possible to set up Windows Hello for business on multiple PCs more quickly.

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Windows 11 will also launch in October

The new Windows 11 will also appear in October: Microsoft plans to release the operating system on October 5th. It was originally said that Windows 11 should appear at the end of the year. More about this I read here. All relevant information about Windows 11 such as innovations or costs It can be found in this overview.

Windows 11 is free for Windows 10 owners. However, it will not be available for all PCs. To be able to install the operating system, it must be a file the computer It meets certain requirements, such as using a specific chipset and processor. You can read more about it in the FAQ linked above. Please refer to the latest information about the minimum requirements for Windows 11 Also here on the Microsoft website.

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