BTS and Samsung could launch a new special edition mobile phone

You’ve been waiting for it, and it may soon be a reality – the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Special Edition BTS is said to be on its way.

The collaboration between Samsung and BTS is about to extend for two years. After the first partnership with the popular K-Pop group to launch the Galaxy S20 BTS version, the company continued to rely on it to announce its new phones. And you can’t say the strategy was wrong.

In fact, Samsung intends to continue collaborating with BTS, and everything seems to indicate that the company is planning a new launch soon, which will likely include all seven members of the South Korean pop group.

BTS and Samsung will once again collaborate to launch a new smartphone.

Galaxy Z Flip3 BTS version?

The information comes from Samsung itself, which in a tweet posted on its official Twitter profile indicates the arrival of a launch linked to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and the BTS group.

As happened with the Galaxy S20 at that time, it is very likely that Samsung has in its hands a special version of its latest “clothed” foldable mobile phone in BTS colors. In the joint statement, no information was disclosed in this regard.

Keep in mind that Samsung will be hosting a new Unpacked event on October 21, and as of now, it’s not clear if the company will launch any new products. Therefore, you can take the opportunity to announce special editions of existing devices, such as the Galaxy Z Flip3 Special Edition.

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Leveraging their partnership with BTS to release a new version of their foldable star could be a major hit. After all, the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 are Samsung’s best-selling foldables to date, and the extra boost supported by BTS’ popularity will add to the success of these devices even more.

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