Players ask for a refund for login issues –

Some players Diablo 2: Resurrected Frustrated by Login issues Those who have been bothering the game for almost a week are now starting to hear the blizzard Returned.

As reported கோடகு Over the past six days, the remake of the classic Blizzard has had login issues between players in the US, Asia and the UK. In particular, users They could not access the servers Or require a long wait to do so.

According to the Blizzard Support Twitter account, the crash could be caused by a problem with the authentication servers that developers are currently exploring. It all seems to have started with the correct integration of the Diablo 2: the resurrection, which was released last October 6 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Some players have shared their frustration with hashtags on social media # Withdrawals 2 Rs On Twitter, a lot of users are asking for a refund for the blizzard. As you can see in one of the tweets below, the company now understands the awkwardness of the problem, Refuses to repay.

Diablo 2: Resurrected hope that the situation is relatively smooth and that developers can fix the flaws that are currently plaguing

Meanwhile, work continues on Diablo 4, with Blizzard player Joe Shelley accepting the project as sports director.

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