Building activity – games: “Go” for construction work on Tormäuerstraße

By a circular decision, the Municipal Council does not meet again until March 31, the basic requirements for the renewal of Tormäuerstrasse and Schleierfallstrasse were established.

On a section of 800 meters, sewerage will be rehabilitated, water pipe renewed, pier constructed, and street lighting renovated from May 3. According to the test report dated December 19 of the previous year, of the three offers received, the application was now submitted to Traunfellner for 1,474,600 euros.

“In addition, the empty tubes for the optical fibers will be implemented,” explains Mayor Rinat Rakowitz. After the construction of the overflow basin at Schleierfallstrasse, construction work will continue from the area surrounding the church. Coordination is important, “that’s why we will put sewage and water in front of the school in July, during the holiday season, so that there are no obstructions,” Rakowitz says.

Access to the pharmacy, kindergarten and Red Cross must also be available during the construction period. “We will inform residents in due course if we can hold the planned, but not yet decided, information event.” Therefore, there should be an inspection with the residents when the time is right.

After excavation, a thin layer of asphalt will be applied to this section of the road. “At least during the winter season,” explains the mayor, “after that, the road design, which is a state road, will be completed by the Road Maintenance Department.”

In order to be able to bear this financial burden, a loan, 99,000 euros for street lighting and 78,000 euros for paving, was approved by the majority of the municipal council.

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