Bulldozair unveils the new IoS app available for mobile and Ipad

After raising € 4 million in November, Bulldozair, a startup committed to digitizing the building trade, unveiled the new IoS app available on mobile and Ipad.

A site monitoring solution allows collaboration between all professions of a construction project – engineers and site managers, but also architects, design offices, and project management – on a web or mobile platform that gives access to all information related to the project.

With this new app, Bulldozair offers:

New features

– A new method for making readings in the field (reserves, local checks) is now available. To enhance the speed and ease of entry into the field, this feature was developed based on user feedback. It is also possible to add and edit image descriptions.

Simplified ergonomics: The interface has been redesigned to improve the user experience. The information remains the same, and its layout changes for greater simplicity and speed of use.

– New design: The application is undergoing a renewal process to match the identity of the new country minister.

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