Burgundy: Crédit Agricole supports access to culture in rural areas

Founded in 2018, the CCulte Association! You want to make art and culture accessible to the largest possible number of people, especially in rural areas. It is supported by the Credit Agricole Champaign Bourgogne Foundation.

The Association CCulte, in Champagne-Bourgogne, which funds more than fifty projects each year with a value of € 3,000, has chosen the Association CCulte! And its ArtKaravane project to benefit from an exceptional support of 15,000 euros. ArtKaravane is for the association a way to “democratize art for an audience that is still far from it”.

The check was handed over on March 10, 2021 at the Crédit Agricole de Beaune agency in the presence of Emma Pickard, president of the association, Gilbert NOBS, president of the Caisse locale de Beaune, Mikael Burdot, director of the Crédit Agricole de Beaune agency and Isabel James, director of the Morseux agency.

Created in 2018, CCulte! You want to make art and culture accessible to the largest possible number of people, especially in rural areas. The association requested the support of the Agir en Champagne-Bourgogne Foundation to fund its ArtKaravane project: a portable platform and modular units providing access to the works of the digital museum of micro-volumes in La Villette, and the works of the art of Burgundy Franch-Comte. In total, 1,600 works can be viewed on digital media (tablets, large screens, and virtual reality headsets). The facilitator / lecturer is dedicated to the exhibition. The traveling museum is free to the public.

The tour will begin on May 4, 2021, in schools, recreation centers, community halls, and nursing homes in Cote D’or. These reception areas, which are more spacious than the caravan, will make it easy to comply with sanitary measures. Once a week, the association will also present L’Apéro CCulte! With topics such as “Art and Landscape”, “Art and Agriculture”, “Art and Gastronomy”. In the program: conference and tasting.

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“ArtKaravane, it’s an education in more than one art history.”
Emma Pickard, Chair of CCulte!

About the AGIR Foundation in Champagne-Bourgogne

The Crédit Agricole de Champagne-Bourgogne Foundation was created on February 14, 2013. After 8 years of its creation, the number of projects has reached 411 (social, cultural, social, economic, sports or contribution to the promotion of artistic, cultural and environmental heritage, etc.) has already been supported with an amount of approximately 1,102 , 190 euros *. Its goal is to promote projects of enduring collective interest, in the interest of developing the Aube, Côte-d’Or, Haute-Marne and Yonne divisions.
In 2020, 60 projects benefited from the Foundation’s financial participation in the amount of € 165,259. Consequently, it maintains its commitment and echoes its signature “work every day for the benefit of our customers and our community”.
Crédit Agricole de Champagne-Bourgogne numbers as of 12/31/2020


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