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This week’s new classic ACA NeoGeo from SNK and Hamster is a Burning Fight game that follows the Magician Lord and KOF 95 on iOS and Android. The beat them all, originally launched in 1991, features Japanese and American investigators working together to infiltrate a criminal organization that dominates western Japan. A rather interesting competitor to Streets of Rage.

Burning Fight is alive again thanks to the ACA NEOGEO group

As with previous editions of the ACA NeoGeo series from Hamster, these new editions feature many modern equipment. Keeping the difficulty and aspects of the games at that time, the developers added functionality such as online ranking modes, quick saves, or even virtual board customization.

Hamster has already released a trailer for the console version of Burning Fight that you can watch:

If you love orcs and street fights, you can allow yourself to be tempted, at least if you’re one of the nostalgic people who’ve tried console or arcade stations.

Discover Burning Fight ACA NeoGeo on the App Store for iOS and beyond google apps For Android devices. The game is available on all iPhones and iPads from iOS 13, and as with previous versions on mobile, the game costs half what it costs on consoles.

Download Burn Fighting ACA NEOGEO Priced at 3.99 €

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