Dataminer Wyck Cut has invented a task, which is the type on the card –

According to the findings of Datamine, in Elton Ring There was one Mission For வைகே, The character that comes on the cover. Unfortunately it was cut. FramSoftware initially had other plans for him, but eventually pushed him into an additional role as an invading mini-boss. Gains his armor and spear by defeating him.

Wyke deserves the cover, but he’s an extra in the game

Wyke has been one of the great mysteries of the game since the beginning. Why put an unimportant character on the cover? Now I Dataminer They found the answer: the canceled search chain was about him.

In Costa Rica, there are many dubbed verses referring to Waikai. Unfortunately there are not a lot of objects and no lines of text or dialogue from the actual quest, but its span point suggests that it could have helped the player to face an boss at Stormwheel Castle.

The search may have had some conversational choices and offered various rewards, including unnamed items. You can also see Wyke’s face in the video posted above.
Unfortunately, it is quite normal for some content in video games to be cut, to reduce production or in practice they do not work on paper. The cut is very appropriate in this case, making sure to be the cover character.

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