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NIS America announced it Caligula effect 2 It is scheduled to launch in Europe on October 22nd. This happens on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. In this country there are Japanese voices and English scripts. It was released in Japan by FuRyu on June 24. Historia was active as a developer.

To celebrate today’s announcement, there’s of course a new trailer. This shows you the different gameplay mechanics. For North America, there has also been a limited edition for a long time Can be pre-ordered from the NIS America Online Store.

This is what The Caligula Effect 2 is all about

As in the first part, players have to return to reality from a seemingly perfect world. Caligula Effect 2 was developed by Historia, with Takuya Yamanaka as a producer. The story comes from Tadashi Satomi, who also worked on the first character games in that capacity.

Specifically, the virtual character Regret created the world Redo, where people are supposed to live in some kind of paradise in order to forget their problems. However, the virtual idol χ suddenly disturbs by recovering the student’s memory. So the Go-Home Club was re-established to escape remorse. All Go-Home Club members have to face their own shocks if they want to get out of Redo’s dream world.

Remorse, however, is supported by the musicians Obbligato. Players must now attract the other students of Tatefushi Academy to the Resistance Club in order to win the battle. In combat you can anticipate the movements of your opponents and thus use a tactical advantage.

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The opposition Obbbligato musicians have been presented to us in detail previously. Each video is a suitable musical introduction. Machina, Pandora, MU-kun, and #QP, as well as the trio of Doctor, Ill, and Kudan started. Subsequently, Bluffman was Obbligato’s eighth and final musician.

How to play – zu The Caligula Effect 2 Trailer

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