Suddenly she disappeared: Where was Natalie Bleacher Wooth?

Is All Right With Nathalie Bleicher-Woth (24)? The influencer is already online around the clock. The former Berlin – Day & Night actress loves to give her fans an insight into her daily life. However, in the past few days, the blonde’s novel has remained silent – it has not sent any signs of life from itself. But where was the home of the Worms? in conversation with Proflash He explains to them: There is a very simple reason for their absence from the network.

“Somehow my cell phone stopped working after a software update. I had that before. Then – a few days later I was able to reset it with a key combination”, I showed Natalie Across Proflash. Although the mobile was working again, she took the opportunity and extended the social media abstinence a bit. “Then I thought to myself, I’m still skipping a few days because I’m with my family now and I want to have fun,” she confirmed. She only turned the machine on again when she got back to Berlin.

For the 24-year-old, Instagram and Co. shouldn’t be without. After all, a few weeks ago she had to say goodbye to her cell phone to shoot a show. With “#offline im Wald,” run by drag queen Candy Crash (28), six internet giants go wild without their smartphones.

Actress Natalie Bleacher Woth
Natalie Bleacher Wooth, TV star
The cast of “#Offline im Wald”

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