Camavinga assesses ahead of Belgium clash

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Ahead of the round of 16 of Euro 2024, Eduardo Camavinga, the young midfielder for France, spoke at a press conference.

The Blues, after finishing second in their group, are preparing to face Belgium on Monday, July 1, in Dusseldorf. Eduardo Camavinga discussed various topics ranging from his personal impressions to analysis of his opponents. He revealed the coach's style of dealing with the team after the group stage. “It didn’t necessarily shake us. He told us that what matters most is what happens in the competition. We have to focus on the future.” He pointed out the importance of focusing on the upcoming matches.

When asked about Kevin De Bruyne, Eduardo Camavinga did not hide his admiration for the Manchester City player. ” He likes to move around the pitch, and I don't have the secret to stopping him. He's a great player, and the most important thing is to be consistent defensively. “, he commented. As for his former Rennes teammate, Jérémy Doko, he understood the difficulty of defending against such talents. ” I played with him in Rennes. It is difficult to defend against him. »

Courtois's absence is good news for Camavinga

Regarding his performance in the competition, Eduardo Camavinga expressed some disappointment due to the limited playing time: ” This is not a positive result. Every player loves to play. Not playing much doesn't make me happy but my time will come. The most important thing is to be ready. » For the Madrilini, Belgium remains a great footballing country, capable of surprising at any time. ” They remain a great nation, with great players, and they will change mentallyHe pointed out. Maybe it will be a different team, which could surprise us at any time. You have to know how to be prepared. »

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Eduardo Camavinga also spoke about the importance of the experience gained during the 2022 World Cup, despite the reduced playing time. Even if I don't necessarily play during the World Cup, you have to be ready, you have to stay focused. The entire group must be ready. No competition is played at 11 o'clock. » The absence of Thibaut Courtois, the star goalkeeper of Belgium, is considered an advantage for the French midfielder: “ I don't know if there is a disagreement with the coach. It is good for us that he does not play, he stops everything, he is a very good goalkeeper. »

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