Confiscation of the cell phone from Governor Duskozel

According to a report issued by The time in the picture In the course of the investigations into the Commerzialbank case, the Eisenstadt Prosecutor’s Office confiscated the cell phones of Governor Hans-Peter Dusközel (SPÖ) and FMA board member Helmut Etl.

The background is an announcement by Burgenland ÖVP after the Landtag Investigation Committee at Commercial Bank: On December 17, 2020, LH Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) and the then-questioned CMA board member, Helmut Ettl, exceeded their blades. The point of contention was who called who in the last few hours from the bank.

On July 14, at 6:29 pm, Etel told him by phone that the bank was “not expected,” Duskuzil told the committee. Etel insisted that Duskozel called him at 6:30, and not the other way around.

ÖVP Burgenland Doskozil withdrew from the false statement and filed a statement of facts against the SPÖ Chair and Ettl. The Eisenstadt prosecutor’s office secured the governor’s mobile phone on Monday.

Report of the committee u

The telephone question was also dealt with in the judge’s procedural report: Walter Pilgrimer gave Duskuzil’s account more confidence because it was consistent with the “harmless” memory record of a senior official in the country. Ettl became acquainted with the control officer through a previous collaboration in Vienna and initially reached out to her to establish contact with Doskozil.
According to Pilgrimer’s statement, Etel was so pressured that day that he might have made a mistake.

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