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If you can’t answer right now, don’t worry: video calls on WhatsApp will open later too. But there is nothing on the web yet …

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WhatsApp has been announcing for some time that it will change the settings of its video calling process. Convert them to the web version, for example, a real big flaw emerges when online chat sites are down, especially during locking. However, join the group video call They are not really big news. So-called group video calls can be accessed later, in fact, widely reported. And, of course, they are the most convenient feature for everyone.

Receiving a video call on WhatsApp is not uncommon and cannot be answered immediately, Then it is a great opportunity to be able to access it Don’t get out of it. Until now, the only way was to respond and wait until you were in the optimal position to speak. Or do not answer. All of this, from now on, will definitely change.

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WhatsApp is getting better: What is Joinable Group Video Call

One positive thing from the Joinable Group Video is that it certainly does not require new applications or downloads anything. Ideally, WhatsApp has modified it to suit every need, considering its functionality. All video calls, henceforth, By default they have this option. If we are unable to answer the call, the app will notify us by phone that the video is still active, and simply click the camera icon to enter without problems. Basically, no one needs to call us back.

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One step at a time. Video calls, now, will continue to be available on mobile versions of the app, both on Android and iOS. No group has called on the WhatsApp web, for now, even though they have promised that they will be coming from Menlo Park soon. However, many symptoms have already been recorded from the general state of use. In April 2020, in full epidemics, Calls were extended to 8 participants. Anyway, considering the times, it seems that WhatsApp is not in such a hurry. Apparently the gold nugget is found elsewhere.

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