Goodbye PES, Konami’s new game called eFootball (and it’s going to be free)

The football simulation title changes the identity and also many important details: it will be free to play and can be played anywhere

(Photo: Konami)

good bye pes, Nick name Pro Evolution Soccer: Konami has officially moved on and chosen simple as the new name for the future chapter of the football simulation title eFootball, which has already appeared on the covers of Pes for two years. The date is next fall, with the Argentine as a certificate Leo Messi And the Brazilian Neymar Jr.They were chosen as global ambassadors while Spaniards Andres Iniesta and Gerard Pique co-developed the role of advisors in offensive and defensive play.

Konami confirmed several rumors about the night the new name was proposed, but it wouldn’t be the only big news: eFootball It will actually be a free-to-play title or You can download it for free Both on consoles like Ps5, Ps4, Xbox Series X/S and One as well as on PC from Steam and on Android and iOs mobile platforms. Only the Nintendo Switch is missing, but the game will be so In a typo via play So it will 100% guarantee that all platforms and all generations can play together.

efootball roadmap
(Photo: Konami)

To challenge blast news FIFA 22And the eFootball It will be based on Unreal Engine To ensure smoother, more natural and realistic animations and custom models for four times the most popular gamers. As predicted by Konami, in August, the expected gameplay will be shown for the first time, local matches with teams such as FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus, FC Bayern, Manchester United and challenges between different generations of consoles (eg PS5, PS4 or Xbox Series). X/S and One).

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We’ll be heading into the fall with the opening of various tournaments, team modes (build your own team), cross-platform play between console and PC, and a Match Pass to earn items and players through gameplay. In winter, Android and iPhone mobile versions will also be added إضافةWith support for smartphone consoles: all platforms will converge in global cross-play at the same time The premier esports championships.

How would you earn Konami from a free title with a curious logo similar to the euro (€) symbol? The exact details haven’t come out yet, but It is likely that you will have to pay to download certain packages (dlc) for teams or leagues, special content, and possibly even modalities like those not mentioned in the press release.

Here is a summary of the teams and tournaments exclusive to Konami or EA.

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