Can update 1.0 still save the game?

Konami finally releases the full version of eFootball 2022. Will it be effective enough to rally gamers to its cause? Not sure.

eFootball 2022, after several months of waiting, will finally receive its version 1.0, which should set the record straight and give players the opportunity to discover the title in better conditions. Konami has just announced that the update, which has been delayed several times, will bring the full version of the game, as well as some interesting new features. But before we assess what will be added in a few days, here’s a quick rundown of the special mode in which eFootball 2022 finds itself.

Noticeable false start

Remember, on September 30, Konami offered football fans to discover their new free game eFootball 2022. Much awaited by players, he had to make a fresh start after the franchise disappeared ESPwho has always been a loyal competitor to FIFA. However, things didn’t go as planned, neither for Konami nor for my fans ESP.

In fact, eFootball 2022 It was immediately an indescribable disappointment, as the game was empty and poorly made. Far from the realism of the rivals, the game had a sinister environment as its characters, and contained many bugs, which made the title unplayable, despite having only one game mode available and a few teams. Then it replaced the lowest rated game on Steam just a few hours later.

Is it time for redemption?

To counter this chaotic launch, Konami quickly promised an important update, serving as a corrective patch, but also as support for the game’s full release. Tentatively scheduled for November 11, the reasons for Konami’s delay seem more than clear at this point. However, the studio officially warned about it on Twitter Update 1.0 will arrive on April 14in just one week.

As for its content, we learn that many interesting things are coming. First of all, Dream Team mode, a mode that allows you to create your team with the characters you prefer and compete against other players and their dream team. Regardless, there is little information about what players can expect, but several bugs will be fixed and the overall balance of the game will be reworked.

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But all this is at risk of going unnoticed. In fact, it’s been months since the players deserted a promotereFootball 2022 Her gameplay was very unpleasant. Will Konami be able to give his game a second chance, or is it already too late? The answer is within a few days.

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