Silman’s resignation letter came from a computer in Smotrich’s office

A strange detail that could say a lot behind the scenes of Silman’s resignation, the resignation letter sent to the prime minister came from a computer in the office of the deputy leader of the Hatzinot Hadathit Party Bezalel Smotrich.

It was the journalist Ishai Cohen of Kikar Hashpat who revealed this.

According to political analysts, these details prove that Edith Silman acted in secret, and his special teams do not know what is going on. Therefore, she preferred to write her letter in Smotrich’s office, with which contacts were constant, as well as with the Likud. Thus, she didn’t risk seeing the information leaked to or out of her party before she made her final decision.

The Srugim news website also revealed that Housing Minister Ze’ev Elkin already learned of Silman’s intention to resign last week. He kept the information because, he says, Edith Silman isn’t on his side. “Convincing her is not my responsibility. She does not belong to my political party.”

Inside Yamina, the prime minister is under fire for resting on his laurels. Yesterday, Bennett and his office heard Silman’s husband on the radio making comments against the government (and declaring that his wife had red lines, which are uncompromising topics, editor’s note). And they don’t understand that something is going on? They ignored Silman’s complaints.”

Just yesterday, at a press conference, Naftali Bennett played down the feud between Silman and Horowitz over Hamtz in hospitals on the occasion of Easter. He refused to support his party member.

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