Carl Pei, a former OnePlus, bought the Essential

Predictions about new startup strategy and released products, between smartphones and home automation

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OnePlus co-founder, Carl B.He left the company last year and introduced recently A new project called Nothing. A thick fog lingers over the startup’s strategy, and we only know it will soon emerge with a series of Wireless headphones with smart capacity That would be the first in a series of yet to be discovered products. To add more mystery, news cameGet the full basic package.

Tech fans will remember the brand that was founded by “Android’s father,” Andy Rubin, who owned it It introduced one (and only one) smartphone in 2017. Despite the positive reviews, sales were disappointing and there was never a sequel. Many private mockups like Project Jem’s stranger have been forgotten in the prototype. The personal stories of Robin, who Google discovered was being filtered (with gold) in a colleague’s sexual harassment case, did nothing but accelerate the descent into the abyss until the project closed in 2020., only five years after birth.

What is the point of buying Essential for Nothing? Many might think of a potential future smartphone that would take advantage of all the work that was put into the farm, patents, and various technologies. This would not be an illogical hypothesis, but in reality Karl Bay may have been drawn to another section of Essential’s intellectual properties: Home automation.

In 2017, one of them was due to be released Chiamato Essential Home smart speakerBut this project was also abandoned. So nothing can use this treasure of its smart speaker, which aligns well with the (almost negligible) brand new philosophy, which seems to be devoting itself above all to a combination of High-quality audio hardware and audio controlsAlso, to manage the house.

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Wireless headphones, speakers and maybe even Over-ear headphones and gaming peripheralsThere is nothing ready to de-haze to show his future streak, a new name to watch in 2021.

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