Discovered a secret function, so bad it is almost useless –

Nintendo Switch It has been in the homes of gamers for almost four years, but there seems to be some more The secret To find. The Kyoto Home Hybrid Console was recently at the center of a small innovation: showing the percentage of charges by simultaneously pressing ZL and ZR while on the home page Battery, Above the logo. You can find it in the Reddit post below.

In all honesty, we do not know how many people already know about this secret operation, but the post that reported this feature in the sub-Reddit dedicated to the Japanese gaming machine has already reached more than this 8,200 options (At the time of writing), so we assume that many people are unaware of this Nintendo Switch feature.

Obviously this is not the only way to see the percentage: you can define the display mode with normal Nintendo switch settings, but if you don’t always want to see the number (you can look at it a bit above all else), you can recall it by pressing ZL and ZR if necessary. The truth is that this is a “secret” function, but Very useless.

Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to find something new on your console. These little functions not explained by the Nintendo Switch always help to give the product a certain mystery.

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If you mash the ZL and ZR buttons, you can see the battery percentage of the switch. Pretty cool! From r / Nintendo Switch

Veronica Tucker

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