Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000, the manufacturer’s first Wear OS smartwatch

Casio is not a newcomer in the world of connected watches. The manufacturer has already launched several models, including one G Shock Rangman GPSSolar-powered watch, or its Pro-Trek collection. But this is the first time Casio has used Wear OS with its Casio G-Squad Pro GWS-H1000. A watch that offers – which Casio usually has – a particularly high level of protection.

The GWS-H1000 features a 1.2-inch dual-layer display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. The peculiarity of the dual screen is that two screens are generally overlapped to increase the autonomy of the watch. Here, the two LCD screens, one in color and the other in monochrome, are generally used when this technology is used with at least one Oled screen.

The watch features a metallic and urethane case, as well as a titanium case. It also offers shock resistance and water resistance of up to 20 bars, which means it can withstand oxygen-free diving, snorkeling, or strenuous water activities like surfing.

On the sensor side, the GWS-H1000 offers a built-in GPS, altitude sensor, pressure sensor and of course a heart rate sensor, which we can expect everything to be very accurate. Designed specifically for sports, the watch ignores health sensors such as an oxygen saturation meter or a heart rate monitor. There is also Bluetooth 4.2, but also Google Pay, Google Fit, and Google Assistant.

The manufacturer did not provide information regarding Slices Or RAM. The watch will sell for $ 699 in the US, and it is not yet clear if Casio plans to launch it in other countries.

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