Analysis: A pass and a game without the ball disrupted Nancy’s defense

On Margot Dumont’s microphone, Nancy’s coach Jean-Louis Garcia made a relentless remark: Toulouse included in the transition phases. With regard to Janice Antiste’s goal, like that of Amin Adly, it was this kind of movement that Pechons’ team managed to score. Website writing LesViolets.Com Invites you to return to investigate Antiste. analyzing.

It often appears to you that the call triggers the card. Here, Nancy is in an offensive position, but she loses the ball. If you notice Pichon’s behavior, then he does not lose the swelling of the eyes, but is ready to start the race forward. Of course, this is what will happen.

Dejaegere inherits the ball, and Antiste still looks at the ball, but has already fired his call. Also interesting is the Belgian’s position on this pass: he takes the information before receiving the skin, which saves him from control and, accordingly, a few seconds’ gain and speed. Seeing Antest leave, Bebish sends a very good deep ball. You can also notice the perfect balance: shoulder orientation, arms well positioned. nothing to say.

Dejaegere’s pass is perfect, and the Sika (circled in black next to Antist) loses its interference in the air. This “failure” would not be without consequences, as it would now have delays in the rest of the work. For their part, Hailey and Adly continue their races ahead. Two moves will end sharply, as they will destabilize the opposing defenders, but in numerical superiority: 5 versus 4 if we count Koni, a little late. The latter accompanies the work, too.

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Antiste finds himself here against Hag and Sika, who is delayed by his failed tackle. Here again, he will defend (fiercely). Pitchoun, right, chooses to return to the axis (movement represented by the black arrow) rather than exiting from the center to the left. Haag frames him nicely, and Sika is on his way.

But the latter, carried by his momentum, will completely disappear and even hinder his colleague, who will not be able to intervene (see red arrow). While they are 4v3, Antiste wipes out players on a dribble. This is when the Adli and Healey races are a lot of fun, as it will provide a wide shooting window for Antiste, which would otherwise have closed slightly, as seen in the following image.

As we told you earlier, Haag and Seka can no longer interfere (circled in red and crossed out). Adly continues his race and takes Cees in his tracks, which will open the window of fire. Healy, he was good, distinguished, and in good standing not to be offside and could even be dispatched. Moreover, he is clamoring for the ball. Even if not introduced, she will attract kotri (denoted by the blue arrow) with her invitation. Antiste, will continue its course (indicated by the black arrow, to the right).

Now, the Cotry (blue arrow) turned to Healy, but Antiste, having unleashed him, chose to shoot. The shooting window is present. Siss his back, still on his back, behind Adly. Antiste should finish off with a nice right-footed shot. You can also notice that the 3-4-3’s weight was good here, because the three fronts were able to undermine the opponent’s defense.

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This is how Toulouse scored in the pass, in the transition phase, his second goal in this match. It will work 12 seconds. Perfect pass early in the action, two blank calls to clear some space, and a perfect finish. As for the tale, in the first half, Patrice Garandi was not satisfied with Janice Antiste’s performance, as he did not take sufficient depth. He scored on this kind of work, congratulations to him!

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