Catalyst Black will officially launch on May 25th on mobile!

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When the studio Super Evil Mega Corp Vainglory launched on the App Store nearly a decade ago, becoming the first MOBA to hack and find some success on mobile platforms. After years of dominance, things are starting to get loose with the arrival of many other MOBA games like Arena of Valor for example. In 2020, faced with the prospect of Vainglory servers shutting down, Super Evil Mega Corp Empowering the community to take matters into their own hands, and for the past two years, Vainglory has been an effectively fan-run game. Suddenly, the studio was able to focus on the future which is called Catalyst Black.

Catalyst Black arrives May 25 on mobile

Catalyst Black is a large scale team based 10v10 shooter with low entry and exit. In an engaging world of mystery and magic, each player has access to an array of fantasy weapons and abilities. Players can harness the powers of ancient masks, allowing them to transform into primitive forms from another world.

This new title has gone through various instances of launch or testing in the past two years since its initial introduction, but this week Catalyst Black finally received an official release date, May 25, along with a brand new trailer. video:

As you can see, Catalyst Black is a team-based shooter where the focus is on the high level of customizing your characters with dozens of different weapons, items, and abilities. It is beautiful, very smooth and sexy to perfection. Even better, your heroes can turn into ferocious monsters thanks to a measurement system taken from fighting games.

The game will include several competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes across a variety of game genres, as well as a new ‘Sign In’ feature that will allow players to join friends already in the middle of a match. A major Catalyst Black pre-registration campaign is underway, where rewards are unlocked based on the number of entrants. The first prize for a million pre-registrations is a flamethrower, and who can refuse such a gift?

Note that Catalyst Black will be compatible with MFI consoles, as well as mice and keyboards. We can’t wait to download it for free from the App Store and Play Store For Android devices.

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