Cazers. UCF remains the master of the game

On the island: Union Cazères-Le Fousseret beats FC Trie/Baïse: 38-10 (half time: 24-5) Referee: Referee: Brice Canal.
For UCF: 5 penalty attempts (1), A. Portet (25), A.Dufour (34), E Torresin (75), J.Salières (78); 4 diversions and 1 penalty (17) in Alari, white card: A. Dufour (50). For FCT: 2 attempts B. Manvely (4), B. lethargic (66), White card: Rossignol (60) Spectators: about 400. Dufour, Salières, A.Portet, Dupuy; Alari (Q), Ribaudo (M); Embart, Bordel, J. Jack; Bellini (cover), Regal; Gaston, F.; Portet, Sebastian. Income: Bouvard, El Jacques, Paris, Luz, Morey, Nicholas, Torresin. Reserves: UCF / FC Trie: 25-0 (lost).

Awarded by Vincent Allari, the kick-off was promptly taken back by partners Florent Bellini, a largely reformed Fifteen captain, who took everything in his path, including the clarity of the Pyrenees mistaken in their streak and the concession of a penalty attempt. The Trish family was shaken from the start, and they quickly regained their senses to approach (7-5). The reaction of the union did not last long: the legs of Antoine Porte (25) and then the opportunism of Arnaud Dufour (34) were at the end of the beautiful moves.

In a match I had the pleasure of watching in which both teams prioritized attacking, Commingeo already had a small margin of safety before the break (24-5).

solid defensive base

After the lemon, a change of pace: blue and red, the least inspiring, lose their grip on the meeting and visitors benefit from it. They have the ball, occupy the field in their favour, but the efficiency is not there. Certainly, a little because of Garonne whose defense, terribly well-organized and efficient in his ascent, gives them little hope.

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If not in this series of defects in the origin of the second attempt of yellow (66). A trial that takes the Ucfists a little further from the bonus point. On the side of the seat, it is moved, the number of decibels increases dramatically and the message is picked up quickly. In three minutes, two sharp runs climb up the field in multiple plays, for two superb attempts. One by Enzo Torresin, scored at the last minute on the scoring sheet, and the second by Jérémy Salières, created a few minutes after kickoff.

This is a new sign of the quality of the talent pool at UCF. Who plans to travel for a long time in the spring.

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