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For anyone who deserves a major phone with WhatsApp

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Old models can also be used for WhatsApp and other services.

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If you don’t have a smartphone, but you still don’t want to do without the more popular instant messaging service, some service providers have keypad phones with WhatsApp in their range.

eIn major cell phones with WhatsApp: What may seem a little strange at first, is in many cases a matter of practicality. Many cell phone users yearn for old cell phones that were before smartphones and whose batteries seemed to last forever and still function decades later. There are no unnecessary features, just reduced to the basics: just making calls and writing messages. Messaging services like WhatsApp have now largely replaced the good old SMS. But if you want to use these services, you don’t necessarily have to buy a smartphone.

Cell Phone Button with Whatsapp: Brief product overview

  1. Nokia 2720 Flip Clapande
  2. Nokia 8110
  3. Alcatel 3088
  4. Swisstone BBM 880
  5. Emporia Touch Smart
  6. Emporia TALKsmart V800_001

Nokia flagship cell phone: This also enables WhatsApp

With Nokia 8810 and 2720 ​​face* Nokia has two flip phones in its lineup, both of which allow the use of WhatsApp – but in limited versions. For example, video calls cannot be made using either device 8810* (Running on KaiOS) also doesn’t allow status reports or automatic updates. In contrast, both models offer the classic advantages of the main mobile phones. They are easy to use, inexpensive, and offer long battery life (Nokia talks up to 28 days for the 8110). So if you don’t necessarily need video dialing, but just want to use WhatsApp to write messages or send pictures and the like, you can definitely consider purchasing it. Incidentally, the Nokia 8810 not only enables WhatsApp, but also social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook – emails can also be written on them.

Button cell phones: other well-known manufacturers

With Alcatel, another well-known manufacturer in the world of “old” cell phones introduces a smartphone with WhatsApp. The 3088* It is a direct flagship phone that does not require many additional features. However, here you can also have an abstract WhatsApp functionality without the possibility of making video calls – a lightweight version, so to speak.

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However, if you don’t appreciate big brand names like Nokia & Co. You will also find similar offers at somewhat lesser known companies. The Swisstone BBM 680* Also provides a 2.8 inch touch screen – WhatsApp is preinstalled on this flagship phone and can be called using the Direct Selection buttons.

It also has a touch screen Smart touch* By Emporia brand. However, as with the Swisstone model, the touch screen is not required here. Here, too, the messaging service is pre-installed and can be called up with the speed dial button.

With th the talk* An alternative similar to all those who prefer to do without the touch screen.

What are the advantages of button cell phones?

Of course, the smartphone made our life easier. But not all of them need a number of additional functions and want to rely on a touch screen, they want it to be as simple as possible. Home cell phones are very popular among the elderly, for example. They are functionally focused on the essentials, and are hard to break – and they’re also usually much cheaper than smartphones. Long battery life is definitely an obvious advantage of major cell phones.

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Anyone who chooses a primary cell phone with WhatsApp has a choice between foldable or so-called cell phones. There are also some models that offer a small touch screen in addition to the regular buttons – as a compromise between a smartphone and a cell phone button. If you want to use all of WhatsApp’s functionality, you must choose a model that runs Android OS – some limited versions of the messenger app are possible with other systems.

Cell phone button with WhatsApp: conclusion

A good old cell phone might not be the latest in technology – but it’s clearly not dead! A real smartphone cannot replace WhatsApp cell phones but if you prefer the convenience and durability of flagship cell phones over the many functions of iPhone and Galaxy & Co. And you just need a few functions, you can find a suitable model with the mentioned models – even if it’s only as a second cell phone.

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Features and models at a glance

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