Return: Video analysis game “PS5 pushes GPU to maximum”

Digital Foundry Housemark has released a new video analysis dedicated to game return that is exclusively available on the PS5. According to the revelations, Return “PS5 pushes GPU to maximum”. All details on resolution, frame rate and radiation tracking management are here.

First, the digital foundry explains Radiation tracking It is not used directly to create visual effects. It is used to expedite global light queries. It’s similar to Nvidia’s RTXGI, which is in Unreal Engine 4, which is used for game development. Also, radiation tracking is used Enhance the return 3D audio on the PS5.

Digital Foundry appreciates the visual impact of Return on PS5. Explain that The game’s own resolution is 1080p, Then reconfigured to 1440p and increased to 2160p via checkerboarding. Obviously, the end result is not comparable to real 4K (dynamic or not), but overall the quality of the display is remarkable, especially since the game manages to handle 60 fps very smoothly.

Will return

Video analysis illustrates it Revenue is aimed at 60FPS and is maintained most of the time. There are situations where the particle effects are too large, affecting performance, as low as 50 FPS, but these are minimal complications.

Finally, Digital Foundry says that gamers should buy this game, especially since it’s not Sony’s classic AAA blockbuster game, but it’s not a standard game.

We also appreciated the quality of the return in our review.

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