Cell phone distraction: a 34-year-old police car taking the right of way

The truck driver was so distracted by his cell phone that he did not notice the police car. Avatar: Archive

With his cell phone in hand, the driver of a truck trailer team in Bürgkirchen (Altotting District) took the right of way for the police.

But that’s not all: a man should not be allowed to drive with a trailer on the car. He didn’t have a driver’s license for her. According to the police report, on Tuesday 6 April, a police patrol of the Traunstein Traffic Police search, heavy vehicle group, was on patrol in Bürgkirchen. The truck and trailer exited from the property exit into the driveway – and took the right of the police car’s road. Officers watched the driver – without paying attention to the traffic and the mobile phone in hand – turning into the street. According to the police, he was so immersed in his cellphone that he only noticed the uniformed VW bus, clearly identifiable as a police car through the paint, stickers and blue light on the roof, as it drove past him.

During a subsequent examination, the 34-year-old driver showed his Class B (vehicle) driver’s license. Obviously, this was not enough for the vehicle set consisting of a truck and a two-axle trailer. Each of the cars weighed 3,500 kg. The trailer was loaded with a small excavator. According to the police, the driver would have requested a BE driving license (car with a trailer). Since the patrol crew no longer allowed the man to drive, the driver called his boss, who is also the owner of the truck. He sent the driver to take the trailer. The police filed a criminal complaint against both the driver and the owner for driving without a license or for a permit to drive without a license. According to the police report, the public prosecution will decide the course of the proceedings.

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In principle, the car owner has to convince himself that the person who lends him his car also has a corresponding driver’s license, the police report. – red

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