Muone, particle “unexpected” reaction that can change the laws of physics –

The physics world has been in turmoil for weeks with rumors of the first results of an experiment that will open new frontiers. Expectations did not disappoint. The first data from the Myon G-2 experiment were collected during a presentation at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (“Fermilab”) in Batavia, near Chicago (read gram minus two, Ed) In precise measurements of the magnetic properties of Mune, which provide new evidence in favor of “new physics”, the most comprehensive theory available in practice, in the presence of events not yet called the “standard model”, is the quantum world and infinity is small. The Muon g-2 experiment finds the Italian one of the most important reserves in the National Institute of Atomic Physics (Infn).


Particles formed naturally in the interaction of cosmic rays with the Earth’s atmosphere are particles similar to electrons, but about 200 times larger. This test confirms the differences highlighted in the previous experiment in 2001 by Mune’s paradoxical magnetic moment. Combining the two scales, the probabilities that the contradictions are not statistically inconsistent are so high that the hypothesis is formed that the existence of previously unknown forces or particles helps to overcome the many hidden mysteries and the decades-long obstacles on the forces that govern our universe.


In practice, what is measured in fermilab is the discrepancy between the test result and the “standard model” of the predicted frequency of the magnetic moment of the magnet around the direction of the magnetic field. The difference may therefore be due to unknown particles and interactions that do not take into account the standard sample. To obtain these high-precision measurements, short laser pulses of the nanosecond sequence are used. The laser calibration system was developed in Italy in collaboration with CNR’s National Institute of Optics and funded by Infn.


“The highest precision measurement – 150 parts per billion – has long been expected by the entire international community of particle physics,” said Graziano Venanzoni, co-spokesman for the Myon G-2 experiment. Infin of Pizza. Feet INFN, which played a decisive role in the whole experiment, can be proud of this achievement. Many thanks to the young researchers who, with their success, ideas and enthusiasm, made it possible to achieve this first important conclusion. “We can be proud of Infin’s contribution to this important invention in the design and construction phase of the machine,” said Marco Incocci of Pizza’s Infn division. 2.

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But in the same place where the results were announced in the magazine Natural Another test appeared, according to which Mune’s magnetic field operates according to the rules of the static model.

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