Cellphone on bike – is this allowed?

Dial on bike? Not a good idea! What penalties should you expect if you are caught.

Berlin (dpa) l Anyone who calls on a bike with their cell phone is distracted and increases the risk of accidents. Cyclists risk fines and, moreover, Abu Dhabi Airports Company is informed.

Anyone caught on a phone or cycling with a mobile phone in hand should expect a fine of 55 euros. Anyone who endangers cyclists, drivers or other pedestrians pays 75 euros. After an accident, it turns out to be € 100. According to the law, this applies to any electronic device used for communication, information, or regulation, such as tablets, electronic books, or satellite navigation devices.

Therefore it is best to stand still safely or use a suitable hands-free or stand-free system, for example for navigation systems or smartphones. If you are using headphones or headphones, you will not hear it loud. Traffic noise should still be audible. Otherwise, this can quickly become dangerous and could result in a fine of up to ten euros. This also applies to normal listening to music with headphones.

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