NASA diligence and new images from Mars show landing phases

A few hours ago (February 18 evening, Italian time), He is a rover NASA diligence Landed successfully Tuesday. This is the beginning of a new mission that will look for traces of past life within the Jessero Valley and get to know the Red Planet even better. The “7 Minute Terror” They have been overcome by planning “Switzerland”. The surprises came with the arrival of the first two films a few minutes later.

New images of Mars from NASA diligence

The NASA Wanted to entertain all fans (despite obvious technical reasons) New pictures Yesterday evening, Published During a press conference. What could we see? Consider how much, how little has passed! There will be the first video with landing audio (thanks to two microphones) early next week, and the first picture taken by current cameras should be available in a few hours. “In the head” Of the rover.

In NASA diligence First, we were able to appreciate the descent through the use of the parachute, and an area thanks to the high-resolution camera experiment (Hayris) of the Mars Renaissance. Orbit. The study was located at a distance of 700 km and was traveling at a speed of 3 km / s, although all standards were higher than good (the parachute was about 20 meters larger).

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Another very interesting film, and by far the most spectacular, it is Mars Rover Taken from above when descending to the terminal stage Skycrane. You can see it coming closer to the ground, but this is just the beginning. In fact, this is a picture taken from a video, which will be shown in the next few days, where we will see how the different descent algorithms work.

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nasa marte

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The third photo is the first high-resolution color image sent by Hascomb NASA diligence. This is a photo, similar to the first photos shown on February 18, 2021 in black and white and in low resolution. Black and white and low resolution are all linked to the need to increase the transfer speed to check if everything went as planned.


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The last picture takes one of the wheels Round. You may find some rocks with a certain harmony. We do not currently know whether they are volcanic or sedimentary rocks, but this suspicion may be clarified later. Also, these types of pictures are used extensively to check what is near the wheels of the rover and what is the position of the wheels “Sensitivity” It can be damaged. We also note that the design and area of ​​the wheels have been modified compared to the Curiosity.


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