China claims to have the most powerful quantum computer in the world

A team of Chinese researchers from the China University of Science and Technology in Hefei claims to have built the world’s most powerful quantum computer. announced June 28 in the archives of arXiv from Cornell University. According to the article, they were able to outperform Google’s quantum computer, Sycamore.

In 2019, Google introduced a 53-qubit quantum processor, becoming the world’s most powerful quantum computer. The Chinese team’s computer processor contains 66 qubits. In the researchers’ testing, the machine used only 56 of the total 66 qubits. In addition, the article specifies that the simulation performed is two to three times more complex than that of its American colleagues.

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The Chinese researchers ran the simulation using the Zuchongzhi processor in just over an hour. According to them, even the most powerful supercomputer will take more than eight years to solve the presented problem of the device. Obviously, the goal was to demonstrate the superiority of China in scientific research. This computer can make it possible to solve more complex problems, opening up new opportunities in the field of quantitative research.

It should be noted that this quantum computer has not been announced in a major scientific journal, as it can be done in normal times. So the team of researchers will have to prove in the coming days the true power of the machine they just unveiled. At the end of 2020, Chinese researchers have already unveiled a quantum device “10 billion times faster than Google’s”. The machine was in fact somewhat limited in the variety of problems it could solve. On the other hand, this machine was presented in the prestigious Science magazine.

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