Ultimate PC VR Rhythm Edition and Oculus Quest Edition

After several months of early access on Steam, Ragnarock is about to release the final version no later than next week.

It’s actually July 15 that the official release will take place. on Steam The game developed by the French studio WanadevStudio is priced at 21.99 euros. If rhythm games are now popular in VR, Ragnarock features rock/metal and its art direction using colorful Vikings.

You play as a Viking captain on Drakkar and must strike with rhythm to move your ship forward. While it is possible to play solo to achieve the highest score, it is also interesting to play multiplayer in long races with up to 6 players.

Since the release of Early Access, the content has only grown and the developers have promised us more updates for the coming months with new music and environments. A release on Oculus Quest 2 for this summer has just been announced! Ragnarock currently has 96% positive reviews on Steam, which is proof that the game should attract as many people as possible.

formerOculus Rift S is no longer for sale on the official website, it’s over

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