Chinese space mission Tianwen-1 has reached Mars

Chinese space mission Tianewn-1 has reached Mars, marking the first success in Chinese history in exploring the planet. Tianwen-1 includes a study (OrbitIs destined to orbit Mars and is an automated robot (Round), If everything goes according to plan, it will reach the ground on Tuesday next May.

The insertion into Mars orbit took place in the afternoon, and everything went according to plan according to the Chinese space agency. Over the next few days, the spacecraft will change its orbit somewhat and begin to make some observations of the planet. In late spring, it should be the rover’s turn with the dangerous maneuver to reach Mars soil and begin exploration.

This rover weighs about 230 kilograms and is very reminiscent of Spirit and Obergunity, two of the most popular robots NASA sent to Mars. The tools in the rover allow you to take photos, analyze soil characteristics, and search for frozen water.

To date, only the United States has been able to land some rovers on the surface of Mars, overcoming great difficulties in managing the landing of such massive robots with automated procedures. China’s success will be further proof of the leap in the quality of the Chinese space program in recent years, which was able to reach the moon with a robot to take some samples by the end of 2020 and then return to Earth.

On February 18, meanwhile, NASA will arrive on the rover of its new Perseverance planet, much larger and more instrumental than the Chinese launch on Mars.

An ideal year of space begins

Veronica Tucker

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