Lego will release the new collection dedicated to Starry Night

The Starry Night by Van Gogh It is one of the most famous and most prolific paintings in the world. And now it’s also made with Lego. This beautiful creation was created by an enthusiast, Truman Cheng (aka legotruman) who participated in a competition organized by LEGO. His work “Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night” is chosen as one of the following LEGO Ideas sets for sale.

Times are not known yet, what is certain is that Cheng’s amazing Starry Night has conquered the same company, and is always looking for new ideas for her bricks.

Truman’s concept of one of the most famous paintings and illustrators demonstrates a whole new way of thinking about LEGO art, which is really cool. Over the past four months, the LEGO Review Panel has evaluated 35 product ideas that reached 10,000 supporters between early May and early September 2020, the official website reads.

In fact, Cheng got the 10,000 votes needed to make his project a real Lego set. His work reconstructs the original painting into a 3D scene, with a strong emphasis on distinctive brushstrokes and color selection. Several techniques are used to reproduce the beautiful Van Gogh painting.

Sections and arches form the vortical fastener; Other flat bricks were stacked to form cliffs and shrubs while the curved portions formed the cypress.

© Ideas / Lego

“I like putting the small figure in front of a 3D scenario. It’s like watching the artist work on the board in real time,” says the author, who used 1,552 bricks to create his Starry Night.

Lego starry night

© Ideas / Lego

A gem not to be missed by art and LEGO fans!

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