Christmas before the clock: a computer shown to every second-grader at the Pays de la Loire

Christelle Moore-Angles, LR President of the Pays de la Loire region, hands over a computer to a second-year student at the Lycée de la Perverie in Nantes, Monday, November 15, 2021. (© Julien Sureau/news Nantes)

Since he does not write “very well”, Arthur will be able to use his new book laptop To “take back notes” written during his lessons at the Lycée de la Perverie public school, in Nantes (Loire Atlantic).

This Monday, November 15, 2021, the teenager will go home, High-end Hewlett-Packard Under-the-Arm PC (Editor’s note, they sell on average at 950 euros per trade), like 215 companions in the second class. “Nice birthday gift. “This digital tool is just so timely,” said Christophe Korda, a high school principal for nine years.

About forty programs

Since the beginning of the school year, computers have been made available to every student entering the second or first year of CAP. Operation of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council, aimed at combating digital inequality, which represents At an annual cost of 24 million euros.

In total , 48000 pcs Equipped with about forty programs (including Microsoft Office) that will be delivered by the end of November in all public and private high schools in the region.

“Keep going!” “

If the district remains the owner of the computer for three years, high school students will be able to keep it at the end of their studies.

“I hope you make good use of it [en cours et à la maison]LR President of the District, Christelle Moore Inglis, is present during the distribution, but is also a tool to calm you down and enrich your general knowledge. “

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On the other hand, Do not doubt to install Fortnite or Football Manager. The team warned of the dissatisfaction of some students with downloading video games, “you will not be able to download video games.”

Ramadhama and Laura, both 15, already have a computer at home that sometimes needs to be shared with other family members. “This is for you, not for your parents,” launched Christelle Morankis, “but it shouldn’t stop you from doing something else. Keep going out, meeting up with friends, and exercising!”

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